Thermal Printable Blu-ray Discs

Model: THBD

CD Team offer a range of white thermal Blu-ray media.
These pre-coated white thermal printable Blu-ray discs have a thermal printable surface and are compatible with most thermal disc printers. High quality, professional thermal printable Blu-ray discs from leading manufacturers.

High quality, precoated thermal printable Blu-ray discs

Type BD-R, BD-R DL Dual Layer
Surface White and Smartwhite*
Capacity 25GB or 50GB (Dual Layer)
Speed 4X or 8X
Packaged Bulk 100
Makes TDK, Verbatim and FTI


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* Compatible with both inkjet and thermal disc printers

Thermal Printable Blu-ray Discs - Types of disc, Blu-ray Printers and Handling Your Blu-ray Discs

Types of Thermal Blu-ray

Thermal printable Blu-ray media comes in two main colours, silver and white. There are also a number of coloured disc options available if you are printing using a black ribbon but want to differentiate between discs easily. SmartWhite Bluray discs from Falcon Technologies International (FTI) are designed to yield the highest quality printing results with both inkjet AND thermal printers, and eliminate confusion when choosing media for combination print environments.

Why use thermal Blu-ray discs?

The print surface of thermal printed Blu-ray is smooth and durable and the finished product emerges dry, smudge proof and ready to handle as soon as the discs come out of the printer.

Thermal Printers and Consumables

Thermal Blu-ray printing employs a heat transfer ribbon that bonds the images to be printed directly onto the thermal printable Blu-ray disc. Black only thermal printing uses only a black ribbon. Full colour thermal Blu-ray printers however, utilise a retransfer printing process. The CMY panels are first printed to a clear retransfer ribbon inside the printer. Then, using heat and pressure, the complete printed image and a layer of the clear ribbon are applied to the disc producing a high quality professional glossy finish. 

Although slightly more expensive, for a more durable finish straight from the printer, thermal Blu-ray printers are recommended over inkjet. Thermal Blu-ray discs produce high quality vibrant images with a durable glossy finish. Full colour thermal Blu-ray printing is perfect for photographic images and vivid designs. Black thermal Blu-ray printers produces a sharp hard-wearing finish for plain text and simple logos.

Thermal printers are easy to use and offer accurate and simple disc alignment. Artwork can be set up in just a few clicks producing a professionally printed thermal Blu-ray disc in minutes.

Handling Thermal Blu-ray discs

Although much more durable than inkjet Blu-ray and ready to handle, directly from the printer, as with any disc, thermal Blu-ray discs should always be handled using the thumb and forefinger by grasping the outer edge and center hole. Scratches, dirt and fingerprints are still among the most prominent causes of Blu-ray record/playback errors, and may render a disc completely useless.

Thermal Blu-ray Manufacturers

We only work with the best disc manufacturers so you can be guaranteed only the highest quality products. Should you require a lifetime statement from the manufacturer, your account manager can send this to you.

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