XstreamJet Ink


Individual Ink Cartridges and CIS kits refils for the XstreamJet full colour inkjet disc printer.

Microtech XstreamJet Ink (Cartridges & CIS Kits)

Printer XstreamJet Bulk Inkjet Colour Printer
Type 5460 x 1400dpi Full colour thermal
System Combine with Microtech Disc Duplicators
Ribbons 6 individual Colour Cartridges or 6 Colour CIS Bulk Ink
Prints per ribbon 300 x Colour Cartridge, 2500 x CIS Bulk Ink, 28000 CIS Refills
Print Speed 40 - 120 Seconds depending on coverage
Cost per print 8p - 12p Cartridges, 3p CIS Kit

Microtech XstreamJet Ink (Cartridges & CIS Kits)

The Xstreamjet enables cost-efficient printing by providing options for either six separate ink cartridges or a continuous supply with a bulk ink (CIS) option. Both options optimise media printing costs with the individual cartridge option providing up to 400 full-coverage disc prints per cartridge-set and individual color cartridge replacement for a more efficient use of ink. The bulk ink (CIS) option provides a continuous ink supply for up to 2500 full-coverage disc prints before replenishment is required and up to 28,000 disc prints with the addition of a bulk ink kit refill.

XstreamJet Printer Features:

  • 5760 x 1400 maximum dpi printing
  • 60 seconds full colour print
  • 6 Separate Ink Cartridges
  • 400 disc prints with separate ink catridges
  • 28,000 disc prints with Bulk ink kit refill
  • Compatibility with all Microtech disc systems
  • High-volume, long life and heavy duty print solution

An industrial-strength printing solution designed for heavy-duty use and long-life. When paired with any of the Microtech Xpress Disc Duplicators, the Xstreamjet provides a high quality disc printing and publishing solution for powerful and cost-effective in-house media production, duplication, printing and distribution.

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