USB Duplication Service

USB Flash Drives are a quick, simple and versatile storage device and our USB duplication service now makes them even easier to use. If you need USB copying, either on to your pre-bought USBs or custom printed USBs, our USB duplication service and USB Printing Service ensure a speedy way to share your information.

USB File protection
If you want to protect your data from deletion by the final user then you need USB partitioning. This incorporates the flexibility of a standard USB Flash Drive with the read-only nature of a CD-ROM. In the business to business sector we operate in, partitions are being used to distribute permanent read only data such as corporate brochures / presentations and licensing or legal disclaimers whilst leaving the remaining capacity for the user to add their own re-writable data. When you insert the Flash Drive into your USB port, 2 drive icons will appear: one is for the read-only partition and the other for the editable partition (user area).

Our custom printed USB Flash Drives now offer an 'AutoRun' function, something which many 'off-the-shelf ' Flash Drives don't allow. This allows your preloaded data, such as marketing materials like a company presentation, to launch automatically when the user plugs the USB in to the PC.

Why use for your USB Duplication?

  • You will receive a friendly, personalised and professional service
  • Your custom printed USBs are high quality with a 10 year guarantee
  • You can place a low minimum order and have fast turnaround times
  • You have a choice of print or engraving options and we can match to your Pantone
  • You can add extra security to protect your data for peace of mind
  • Your project will be delivered on time and within budget

Copying USBs could not be easier. Simply send us your master content and we will quickly produce high quality copied USBs no matter how many you require. If you have your own stock of blank media, we are happy to copy onto your supplied USB drives or we can duplicate your data on to our own media and have them printed with your company logo, individually personalised and matched to your corporate Pantone colour with our USB Printing service »

We also have a range of USB duplicators for you to make your own copies in-house. Content can be quickly, reliably and easily duplicated at the touch of a button. Call 0330 333 1090 for more information.


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