Secure Discs


VERBATIM SecureSaveDVD (Pack of 5 discs)
Secure DVD Media with AES-256 Encryption

Effortless data protection
The SecureSave software is integrated onto the blank recordable disc. There is no software to install, simply insert the disc, follow the wizard to record, encrypt and password protect your data and it's done!

Secure Discs - Password protected CDs/DVDs with AES Encryption

Safely store and protect your confidential data in just a few clicks. 

 Features and Benefits:
  •  Embedded self-recording software. NO installation required
  •  Simple wizard guidelines to follow, no training required
  •  Encrypt, protect and store your sensitive files in just a few clicks
  •  Secure encryption using AES-256 and SHA-256 algorithms
  •  Password protect functionality with a virtual keyboard to avoid keystroke spying

Secure CDs and DVDs

Secure discs such as SecureSave DVDs are a simple and effective solution for storing and sharing confidential Emails, Office documents and customer data on disc safely. SecureSave DVDs allow you to quickly backup and protect your valuable files using top level 256 bit AES Encryption. With no software to install SecureSave DVD makes it effortless to ensure all of your files are safe and secure.

SecureSave DVDs from Verbatim are password protected discs which also provide data encryption without the need to install software onto your PC. Simply insert a SecureSave disc and follow a step-by-step guide to backup/ store and encrypt, password protect and automatically save your confidential data and keep it safe from prying eyes.

We all have sensitive data on our computer hard disk, such as financial or tax data, confidential correspondence, contacts etc. By saving them on a SecureSaveDVD, the files are encrypted using AES256 and password protected so that if the disc is lost or stolen, no-one can access the data saved on that disc.

Verbatim's SecureSave DVD can save up to 4.5GB of secure data and password protect it, making it ideal for the safe storage and transportation of confidential data. Files can be added incrementally until the disc is full and 'Wipe' technology can permanently erase all source files from your hard disk after recording.

System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and a DVD-R Writer
Also available to bulk buy as printable or custom printed discs

AutoSave Encrypt Pro is a bulk security solution for high volume data protection. You can order your secure discs pre-custom printed with your company details. It is available for both CD and DVD formats. By using your own custom printed discs featuring your company logo and details rather than branded media, you give a clear, visible message that the disc contains company related information and is subject to copyright and data protection.

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