Prism Plus Ribbons


Thermal printer ribbons for the Rimage Prism Plus Thermal disc printer. Black, Colour, Red, Blue.

Rimage Prism Plus Ribbons

Printer Rimage Prism Printers (with print alignment)
Type 300 x 600dpi Mono-colour thermal
Ribbons Black Ribbon, Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, CMY Ribbon
Prints per ribbon 2000 re-transfer
Print Speed 5 Seconds
Cost per print 3p

Thermal Ribbons for the Prism Printer

Thermal ribbons for the Prism Printer are developed to guarantee fast, reliable and cost effective print results for high throughput applications. In this sophisticated process the specific ribbon will provide excellent print results due to the fact that the printing parameters, the media surface and the print ribbons are optimized towards each other. High quality and durable printing and extremely low cost per print are the key factor to achieve a maximum performance and efficiency.

Prism Printer Ribbons
Prism Black Ribbon
Prism Royal Blue Ribbon
Prism Three Panel Color CMY Ribbon

Prism Ribbon Features:

Print Quality

  • higher density for better reproduction and readability of text through sharper outline
  • improved reproduction of graphics (barcode, company logo etc.)

Label Stability

  • extremely smudge-proof
  • high scratch resistant
  • less smearing even when applying skin oil

Printer Maintenance

  • less abrasion on print heads through special ribbon back coating
  • less dirt inside printer housing through higher ribbon stability and lower electrostatic charging

Printing Efficiency

  • Rimage Prism ribbons contain 240 meter (20% more than other ribbons on the market)


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