Memory Card Duplicator

Model: M6550

Professional Flash Memory Card duplicators. Copy SD, MiniSD, MicroSD and all types of MMC with 16 slots and a speed of up to 6GB per minute for mass memory card duplication.

Memory Card Duplicator

Main Features

Media Supported
 All SD and MMC formats including SDHC, MiniSD, MicroSD and RS-MMC
Drives  8 - 16 slots
Storage  Stand-alone with large LCD and four control keys
Other features
  • Copy speed up to 6GB per minute
  • FAT Copy mode copies only the data you need
  • Can be connected to a Windows PC for enhanced functionality

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Memory Card Duplicator

A professional memory card duplicator that performs fast parallel duplication of Secure Digital and Multimedia Card devices such as SD, SDHC, uSD (MicroSD) and MMC mobile.

Ultra fast copying up to 25 MB/sec for up to sixteen devices in parallel. Auto detection of the master device speed is used to provide the maximum speed for duplication. A large LCD display and four front panel keys allow fast and easy stand-alone duplication. With an easy to use intuitive menu system, quick and easy job set-up is possible, simply select from a list of predefined settings and one click and you are up and running. Removable socket boards allowing quick and easy configurational changes.

Features a special copy function called FAT copy that intelligently finds the data from a FAT formatted master and copies only the master data to the targets. The fast copy method is binary image copy meaning that the target devices are 100% identical to the original master device. It also includes the best and most reliable verification process possible by performing a check on the target devices using a  'bit-by-bit'  verification against the master. A master checksum is automatically calculated and displayed during every program and verify operation.

Optional Windows PC software is also available allowing master data to reside on a PC and greater control over the job options.

Full Feature List:

  • Rugged Stand-alone ATA device copier with large LCD and four control keys
  • 8-16 Target sockets + 1 Master socket
  • Supports all SD and MMC formats, including SDHC, MMC mobile, MicroSD and RS-MMC
  • FAT Copy mode copies only the data you need.
  • Duplicate up to 6GB per minute
  • Binary copy (Works with all file systems)
  • Special FAT file system copying for fast copying of standard Windows file system masters
  • Can be connected to a Windows PC for enhanced functionality
  • Optional Windows PC software for enhanced control and job set-up
  • Automatic checksum of data providing accurate verification

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