HDD, USB Duplicator

Model: M6300

Professional USB Duplicators with built-in PC running a full Linux operating system that tests and copies any USB storage device including USB Hard Drives.

USB Duplicator (Hard Disk Drive compatible)

Main Features

Media Supported
 USB Drives and USB Hard Disk Drives
Drives  10, 20, 30 or 40 socket versions available
Storage  Built in PC with 160GB HDD
Other features
  • Total USB content copy speed up to 7GB per minute
  • 17" VGA LCD, PC keyboard, and mouse supplied
  • Optimised for USB Hard Disk Drive duplication

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USB Duplicator

Professional USB Duplicator/Test System that offers more than simple data duplication from a master drive. USB copiers make USB duplication simple. Copy USBs, USB hard disks in a flash at the touch of a button!

The user simply selects from a list of predefined jobs and with one click is up and running. The M6310 also includes Smart Copy functions which copy only the used portions of a master USB Drive to the target drives. It is the first USB duplicator worldwide to support multiple USB partitions that can be set to Read-Only, Read / Write or as CD ROM.

New Feature:
This USB Duplicator now has the ability to duplicate USB hard disks. It can be standalone or networked and linked together to allow up to 40 duplication ports.

This USB Duplicator also has a number of different verify functions including the most reliable 'bit-by-bit' verification process.

Each USB device slot is individually controlled with each device being supplied up to 1.5A of current . This unique feature sets it apart from other systems on the market allowing it to duplicate and test USB Hard Drives, Mobile phones, PND's and PDA's without the need for external USB device power supplies.

The USB Duplicator may be completely controlled using the front panel LCD and four control keys, this function allows the system to be used in Stand-Alone mode and is ideal for the production environment. Alternatively, the user may wish to use the Graphical User Interface accessed with the standard built in PC.

Full Feature List:

  • Stand-Alone operation or full featured Linux PC interface
  • Built in PC with 160GB HDD for image archiving, additional storage can be added easily via ethernet or external HDD.
  • 17" VGA LCD, PC keyboard, and mouse supplied with each M6300
  • 10-40 target sockets + 1 master socket
  • Supports upto 1.5Amps per socket.
  • Easily create and edit M6300 duplication and tests scripts
  • Manage master image files and customer specific scripts
  • Total USB content copy speed up to 7GB per minute
  • Quality USB test functions including Speed Test and Current Measurement
  • Optimised for USB hard drive duplication with FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT Smart Copy
  • Multi-partitioning of USB drives with CD-ROM and Read-Only Partition Support
  • Image checksum, CRC, and MD5 checking.
  • SQL Database, loggin serial number, Vendor ID, Product ID, current test and Speed Test results
  • Automatic checksum of data providing accurate verification


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