Everest Ribbons


Thermal ribbons for Rimage Everest Printers - CMY ribbons, CMY-white ribbons, Black ribbons and Re-transfer ribbons for the Everest 600, Everest 400 and Everest III colour thermal disc printers.

Rimage Everest Ribbons

Printer Everest 600/400
Everest III
Type 600dpi full colour thermal 300dpi full colour thermal
Ribbons Black Ribbons
CMY Ribbons
CMY-white Ribbons
Re-Transfer Ribbons
Black Ribbons
CMY Ribbons
CMY-white Ribbons
Re-Transfer Ribbons
Prints per ribbon 500 x CMY
1000 x Black
1000 x Re-transfer
500 x CMY
1000 x Black
1000 x Re-transfer
Print Speed 60 Seconds 60 Seconds
Cost per print 33p Colour, 12.5p Black 33p Colour, 12.5p Black


Thermal Ribbons for Everest Printers
(Everest 600/400 and Everest III)

CMY, Black and Re-transfer Thermal ribbons for Everest Printers are developed to enhance the print quality and consistency. As a major part of thermal retransfer technology the new ribbons align perfectly the Everest print features. Due to special back coating print head abrasion will be reduced to the minimum. Additionally the ribbon has a protective film transferred to the CD/DVD surface by finalizing the printing process to shield the media against mechanical and UV radiation effects.

Everest 600 / 400
Black Ribbon
Three Panel Color Ribbon – CMY
Transfer Roll - 500 prints

Everest III
Black Ribbon
Three Panel Color Ribbon – CMY
Transfer Roll - 1000 prints

Everest Autoprinter Features:

Printer Everest 400/600
Type full colour thermal
Ribbons 1 x Black or Colour (CMY) and 1 x re-transfer
Prints per ribbon 500 x Colour, 1000 x Black, 1000 x re-transfer
Print Speed 60 Seconds
Cost per print 33p Colour or 12.5p Black

Everest Ribbon Features:

Print Quality

  • higher density for highly accurate reproduction of pictures and text (even with small fonts)
  • improved colour matching
  • less encapsulation of dust particles through lower electrostatic charging

Label Stability

  • high scratch resistance through extremely robust transfer sheet
  • outstanding UV resistance through superior colour pigments

Printer Maintenance

  • less abrasion on print heads through special ribbon coating
  • less dirt inside printer housing through higher ribbon stability and lower electrostatic charging


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