Model: PP-100AP
  • CD/CD/Blu-ray Disc Printer

  • Compact desktop Design

  • 1400 x 1400dpi resolution

  • 6 individual ink cartridges

  • PC attached via USB 2.0 Interface


EPSON PP-100AP CD Printer

TypeFull colour inkjet
Quality1440 x 1440dpi
Cartridges6 x individual colour cartridges
Prints per cartridge1000 x Colour Cartridge
Print Speed95 Discs (Speed setting) / 50 Discs (Photo-quality setting)
Cost per print8 - 12p Colour Cartridge

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EPSON PP-100AP CD Printer

The EPSON PP-100 Autoprinter is a high quality, extremely reliable and highly efficient print system for printing large volume CDs, DVDs  or Blu-ray at low cost. As easy to use as a standard office printer.

The integrated Epson PP-100AP (Autoprinter) is as easy to use as an ordinary office printer. The 1440 x 1440 dpi inkjet printer enables the PP-100 to produce discs with realistic photo images vivid colour and sharp text.

Full Feature List:

  • 95 discs per hour in speed setting
  • 50 discs per hour in photo quality setting
  • Control up to 6 PP100APs from one PC
  • Service life of more than 100,000 discs
  • Multiple job processing, unlimited job queuing
  • High-quality inkjet autoprinter 1440 x 1440dpi
  • Photo quality 6 colour Micro Piezo technology for razor sharp vibrant prints. Individual inks - 6 cartridges, only replace the colour used
  • Low purchase price combined with large volume ink cartridges and long service life offer extremely low print costs
  • Patented AcuGrip robotic arm ensures precision handling of discs and eliminates the possibility of damage
  • 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges
  • Maintenance cartridge only changed at 30K, 60K and 90k discs
  • Compact desktop design
  • PC attached via single high-speed USB 2.0 Interface

Inkjet Disc Printers
Full colour inkjet CD Printers are ideal for short-run CD printing. Inkjet disc printers will sometimes use 1 combined CMYK cartridge or typically 4 or 6 seperate CMYK cartridges. The ink is sprayed from cartridges directly onto the inkjet prinatble disc surface that is specially designed to receive, hold and absorb the ink droplets. The technology in inkjet CD printers produces photo-realistic high quality results for sophisticated, multi-color, high-resolution graphics and images directly onto your DVDs and CDs. A glossy or matt finish will depend on the media used.

A professional CD Printer whether it be an inkjet CD Printer or thermal CD printer, allows you to produce high quality printed CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray discs yourself in house. We use both inkjet disc printers and thermal disc printers ourselves in-house on a daily basis so we really do know what we're talking about. Our Graphic Design team can help and advise on setting up your artwork and achieving the maximum out of your disc printer.

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