ADR 4000 DVD Case Cellophane Wrapper

Model: ADR 4000 DVD

  • DVD Case Cellophane Wrapper

  • Easy To Use

  • Semi-Automatic Operation

  • Wrap up to 250 case per hour

  • Professional Wrap Quality

Main Features

 - ADR 4000 DVD Case Cellophane Wrapper

Suitable for DVD Cases
Operation Semi-Automatic
Cases per hour 250

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For DVD cases.
This table top unit is dedicated to small or medium scale production of discs and is a cost effective solution providing professionally finished packaging for short run work, at a tenth of the cost of industrial equipment.

Easy To Use
The semi-automatic operation is simple and effective.
A pre-cut sheet of polypropylene wrapping material is placed on the manual platform.
The case is simply placed on the pre-cut sheet and the operator closes the cover, which tensions the wrapping and makes the first heat-seal.
The case is then placed into the hopper for the second fold and seal operation, which is fully automatic.
The result is a professionally folded and sealed DVD case.

For Service and Support Options go to Technical Support »



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CD team have been nothing but helpful. Jan in particular pulled out every string possible to get the work finished promptly. Would definitely return with more work. Anonymous
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