Inkjet Printable DVDs

Model: INKDVDs

CD Team offer a range of inkjet DVD media.
These pre-coated silver, white and gloss inkjet DVDs have an inkjet printable surface and are compatible with most inkjet disc printers. High quality, professional inkjet printable DVDs from leading manufacturers.

High quality, pre-coated inkjet printable DVDs

Type DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+R DL
Surface White, silver, white photogloss, Smartwhite* and Scratchproof silver only
Capacity 4.7GB or 8.5GB (Dual Layer)
Speed 16X or 8X DL
Packaged Bulk 100 or Bulk 50 (Dual Layer and Photogloss)
Makes Sony, TDK, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden


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* Compatible with both inkjet and thermal disc printers

Inkjet Printable DVDs - Types of DVD, DVD Printers and Handling your DVDs

Types of Inkjet DVD

Inkjet printable DVD media comes in two colours, silver and white. Although white is the preferred option for most people, some prefer the soft metallic sheen that a silver base offers. The white photogloss inkjet DVD offers a shiny print finish similar to that of a thermal print. Although slightly more expensive than a standard white inkjet DVD, the photogloss print results are impressive. SmartWhite DVDs from Falcon Technologies International (FTI) are designed to yield the highest quality printing results with both inkjet AND thermal printers, and eliminate confusion when choosing media for combination print environments.

Why use inkjet DVDs?

Inkjet DVDs offer an effective and professional alternative to printing labels and sticking them onto your disc. Printing directly to your disc from an inkjet printer offers several advantages over labels:
1. It is generally cheaper to buy inkjet printable DVDs than to buy both the discs and labels. While the inkjet cd printer may represent an additional cost at first, it will be much more cost effective in the long term.
2. Inkjet printers are easy to use and offer accurate and simple disc alignment. Artwork can be set up in just a few clicks producing a professionally printed inkjet DVD in minutes. Much quicker and more professional than using DVD labels.
3. Labels often cause problems when reading the disc and can peel causing damage to your drive.

Inkjet DVD Printers and Consumables

Todays Inkjet disc printers offer excellent value for money by keeping cartridge costs to a minimum. The Epson DiscProducer PP-100 for example, offers 6 individual colour cartridge technology instead of a combined CMYK cartridge. This means you only need to replace the colour you need. The Microtech Xstreamjet printer is an ideal solution for bulk Inkjet DVD printing and utilises a CIS - Continuous Ink Supply which enables up to 28,000 disc prints before ink replenishment is required!

Handling Inkjet DVDs

As with any disc, inkjet DVDs should always be handled using the thumb and forefinger by grasping the outer edge and center hole. Scratches, dirt and fingerprints are still among the most prominent causes of DVD record/playback errors, and may render a disc completely useless. ScratchProof DVD media keeps the promise of ultimate reliability. Scratchproof DVDs are so hard you could clean them with kitchen-grade steel wool without damaging your data.

Exposing the discs to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity for excessive periods of time may cause the print to fade. Inkjet printed DVDs can smudge in high humidity situations, or if your hands are damp. We recommend you store your printed inkjet DVDs in jewel cases or similar packaging that does not rest on the print surface itself. We do not recommend plastic wallets as the disc surface may stick to the wallet causing damage to the print when the disc is removed.

Inkjet DVD Manufacturers

We only work with the best disc manufacturers so you can be guaranteed only the highest quality products. Should you require a lifetime statement from the manufacturer, your account manager can send this to you.

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