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DVD Duplication Service - the Facts

What DVD duplication means
DVD duplication or DVD Copying is much like photocopying, since a light (laser) is used to produce an exact duplicate copy of your DVD. It is a quick and effective way of taking a master disc and make multiple copies of it in a short time. Each DVD copy is an exact replicas of the master, containing the exact files and data that the master DVD has. The DVD Duplication process duplicates the contents directly from one DVD to another DVD using a laser and is done using a DVD duplicator.

What you need for DVD Duplication
You will need a reliable DVD copier or DVD duplicator and DVD duplication software. Our in-house DVD duplication department has a range of professional DVD duplicators, why not book a demo and see the production environment first hand.

What a DVD duplicator does
A DVD duplicator essentially functions as a photocopier. It is either a device that's already built in to the PC or an external writable drive. The DVD duplicator uses a moving laser much like a regular DVD player, except that it not only has a 'read laser', it also has a 'write laser'. The write laser interacts differently with the blank DVD by producing a strong light to change the DVD's surface and 'burn' the data onto it.

How DVD duplication is done
When people say they 'burn' discs, they mean copying data from a master source - a hard disc, a floppy disc or another DVD - to a blank DVD. A DVD-R disc will allow you to copy data on it but not change it. Whatever data you burn on to the disc will remain unchanged; you cannot make modifications or delete anything. With a DVD-RW however, you can erase data and copy over and over again.

Speed matters in DVD Duplication
The rate at which DVDs are duplicated will depend greatly on several things: the amount of data on the disc, the speed of the copy disc, the speed of the connection between your PC and DVD duplicator and the speed of the DVD duplicator itself. At a 1x speed for example, the DVD will spin at the same rate it does when you put it in a DVD player. So if you have a DVD that contains 120 minutes of recording, you will be able to duplicate that DVD in 120 minutes as well.

Print Options
The discs are printed using either use a single black thermal ribbon print or full colour inkjet or thermal print depending on your disc artwork. DVD duplication allows complete flexibility and speed in that we can print the discs ahead of receiving the master content.

Packaging and fulfilment
We offer a huge range of packaging options for your DVD’s from simple plastic wallets, jewel cases and DVD cases to fully printed bespoke packaging to give your disc maximum impact. We now offer a GREEN range of packaging options so that you too can do your bit for the environment. The completed project can then be shipped to one address next day or sent out to individual worldwide destinations using our experienced fulfilment team.

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