CD Replication service for fast and reliable mass CD Copying

CD Replication for CD copying of over 1000 units.

CD replication is the process of copying CDs in a production environment. For runs of 1,000 upwards CD Replication is the most cost-effective method to copy discs. The reason for this is that whilst the setup cost of producing a glass master and formatting the machines for your job is high, the cost of producing each unit is very low.

Replication is a complicated process, which is why it is only considered for larger runs. At those volumes, CD replication produces the lowest per-disc cost and offers the highest possible readability levels. In fact, all commercially distributed entertainment and software CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are produced using replication. CD replication is a process where raw materials are used to make the discs from scratch. A glass master of your disc is produced, from this glass master stampers are made, from the stampers your formed plastic discs are injection moulded, the discs are then coated with a thin reflective layer of aluminium and a protective lacquer to coat them, this is hardened with ultra violet light. The data is part of the disc itself and not added in a separate process unlike duplication. CD Replication printing options are silkscreen printing using pantone colours or litho full colour printing.

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