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Blu-ray Duplication Service - the Facts

Blu-ray Duplication (often misspelled Blueray Duplication)
This is the latest disc format available and Blu-ray Duplication technology is fast catching up with that of CD and DVD, with faster speeds and more print options available, Blu-ray Duplication is becoming more affordable and more widely used everyday.

Why the name Blu-ray?
The technology employs the use of a blue wavelength laser to read and write to the disc. Mis-spelling it from ‘Blue-ray’ to ‘Blu-ray’ allows it be adopted as a distinctive trademark.

How much can I store on a Blu-ray disc?
At present there are two types of capacity of disc available - single layer and dual layer. A standard single layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data. A dual layer Blu-ray disc can hold 50GB of data. The most popular recordable disc to date is the single layer 25GB version. As well as being available in a branded format discs are now also available with a printable surface for use with Blu-ray duplication and print systems.

How does Blu-ray storage compare to CD and DVD?
A standard single layer Blu-ray disc holds the equivalent content of 36 CDs or 5.75 DVDs.

Are Blu-ray discs available in recordable and re-writable formats like CD and DVD?
Similar to both CD & DVD; Blu-ray disc are available as a once only recordable disc (BD-R),as a re-writable disc (BD-RE) and in a pre-recorded pressed disc format (BD-ROM).

How much time does it take to write a BD-R and BD-RE disc?
Recording speeds of 1st generation recorders were 2x speed and it takes around 46 minutes to write a full disc of 25GB. The latest 8x speed drives from manufacturers such as Pioneer have become available which reduce this down to 16 minutes.

Are Blu-ray recorders backward compatible with CD and DVD discs?
All drives are able to play CD and DVD content. All drives except the earliest ones are capable of CD and DVD recording. Some very early drives will only record DVD.

Are Blu-ray duplicators available?
Yes, Blu-ray duplication and print systems are available, both at as entry level Blu-ray Towers as well as high end print and production Blu-ray Duplication systems. For more technical information and details please contact us.

What Bluray duplication means
Bluray duplication or Bluray Copying is much like photocopying, since a light (laser) is used to produce an exact duplicate copy of your Blu-ray. It is a quick and effective way of taking a master disc and make multiple copies of it in a short time. Each Blu-ray copy is an exact replica of the master, containing the exact files and data that the master Blu-ray has. The Blu-ray Duplication process duplicates the contents directly from one Blu-ray disc to another Blu-ray disc using a laser and is done using a DVD duplicator.

What you need for Blu-ray Duplication
You will need a reliable Blu-ray copier or Blu-ray duplicator and Blu-ray duplication software. Our in-house Blu-ray duplication department has a range of professional Blu-ray duplicators, why not book a demo and see the production environment first hand.

What a Blu-ray duplicator does
A Blu-ray duplicator essentially functions as a photocopier. It is either a device that's already built in to the PC or an external writable drive. The Blu-ray duplicator uses a moving laser much like a regular Blu-ray player, except that it not only has a 'read laser', it also has a 'write laser'. The write laser interacts differently with the blank Blu-ray by producing a strong light to change the Blu-ray's surface and 'burn' the data onto it.

How Blu-ray duplication is done
When people say they 'burn' discs, they mean copying data from a master source - a hard disc, a floppy disc or another Blu-ray - to a blank Blu-ray. A BD-R disc will allow you to copy data on it but not change it. Whatever data you burn on to the disc will remain unchanged; you cannot make modifications or delete anything. With a BD-RW however, you can erase data and copy over and over again.

Print Options
The discs are printed using either use a single black thermal ribbon print or full colour inkjet or thermal print depending on your disc artwork. Blu-ray duplication allows complete flexibility and speed in that we can print the discs ahead of receiving the master content.

Packaging and fulfilment
We offer a huge range of packaging options for your Blu-ray discs from simple plastic wallets, jewel cases and Blu-ray cases to fully printed bespoke packaging to give your disc maximum impact. We now offer a GREEN range of packaging options so that you too can do your bit for the environment. The completed project can then be shipped to one address next day or sent out to individual worldwide destinations using our experienced fulfilment team.

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