AutoSave Encrypt Pro Discs

Model: ASE-PRO

Bulk Packed Secure CD and DVDs

Bulk packed secure discs for professional high volume data protection on a regular basis. You can order your secure discs pre-custom printed with your company details or with a inkjet or thermal printable surface for you to print yourself in-house. Safely store and protect your confidential data in just a few clicks.


AutoSave Encrypt Pro discs - Password protected CDs/DVDs with AES 256 Encryption available to buy in bulk for regular data protection.

 Features and Benefits:
  •  Embedded self-recording software. NO installation required
  •  Simple wizard guidelines to follow, no training required
  •  Encrypt, protect and store your sensitive files in just a few clicks
  •  Secure encryption using AES-256 and SHA-256 algorithms
  •  Password protect functionality with a virtual keyboard to avoid keystroke spying

Bulk Packed Secure CDs and DVDs for professional data protection

In addition to ordering in bulk, AutoSave Encrypt Pro also enable you to have your discs custom printed and specifically designed for use within your organisation or you can order them with a printable surface and print them yourself in-house when required. This service is available for both CD and DVD formats. By using your own custom printed discs featuring your company logo and details rather than branded media, you give a clear, visible message that the disc contains company related information and is subject to copyright and data protection. 

Clone discs for multiple copies of a master disc:

Rather than encrypting and recording your confidential data one at a time, you can read your master disc into your disc duplicator and record IDENTICAL copies of it onto AutoSave Encrypt Clone discs. The duplicated clones will be exact replicas of the encrypted master disc. Each disc will contain the encrypted data, the data will be secured to the physical disc using the clones unique identifier and will require the same password as the master disc.

These specialised AutoSave Encrypt Clone discs offer the same high level of security and are available pre-custom printed, or with a thermal printable or inkjet printable surface for printing yourself in-house.

How it works:

The clone and the master discs are physically the same however, the master disc comes with the encryption software (Soft-R Cryptex) pre-loaded. Both the master and clone discs have a unique identifier which is embedded into the discs when they are manufactured. The unique identifier cannot be read, removed or copied.

A disc duplicator must be used to make mulitple copies of a master disc onto the clones. When the embedded software runs, it checks for the unique identifier. Copies cannot be made onto standard recordable discs as the unique identifier access to the embedded software will not be found. Without finding it the software will not run, so the unauthorised copy will be useless.

Each recorded clone disc will have the same password as the master disc in order to access the data once recorded and be an identical copy of the original master disc.

Secure Encryption Service

Rather leave it to the experts? If you do not have a disc duplicator, just send your recorded master disc* to us and use our secure duplication and fulfilment service.

*we can duplicate the master without knowing the password so your sensitive data will be completely secure during the duplication and fulfilment process.

CD Team offer a range of Data Security Services for businesses who have a regular requirement for secure data encryption, duplication and distribution.

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