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Established in 1995, CD Team are a Blu-ray, USB, CD and DVD duplication company: supplying businesses with content delivery services, products and solutions. Your needs come first and we promise to bring you the best products as soon as they are available so that you and your customers can keep ahead of emerging technologies.

When searching for a new supplier, you want a company you can trust, who delivers high quality affordable products and premium customer care. CD Team guarantee you that and more , so when you want perfection, choose CD Team. Read our customer testimonials to see who is already working with us.

When you're ready to proceed, you can call upon our industry expertise to help you decide on the best disc printing, duplication and packaging solution for your project. Your dedicated account manager will ensure your deadlines are met both on time and within budget and you will receive professional, friendly service each and every time you contact us.

If you prefer to do business face-to-face, our head office is in Northamptonshire, why not pop in for a personal demonstration? We are proud of what we do and the way we do it and welcome any opportunity to show you how it's done and to introduce you to the team.

If you have any questions or need advice, we're here to help. Call us on 0330 333 1090

Corporate Social Responsibility

"Being a responsible business is at the heart of what we do."

This means we are committed to continuously improving the way we work. From the way we interact with each other and everyone outside of our company, to the impact we have on communities and the environment – local, national and global.

CD Team Limited has its office in Northampton and supplies into businesses throughout the UK and, on a limited basis, into other European countries with H.Q.s in UK. Corporate Social Responsibility is essential to our success both now and for the future. Sustainable products, mutually beneficial customer and supplier partnerships as well as excellent customer service are all part of our daily work ethic.

These responsibilities and much more, as explained in this section, are what our business has been built upon. They make sound business sense and are the right thing to do, and CD Team will continue to found our business upon them.

Andrew Roberts
Managing Director

   ISO 14001 Registered

   Independently assessed annually by external auditors QMS

Customer Care

Our aim is to provide the best possible choice, value and service to our customers.

We know it is essential to have a reputation for reliability whilst delivering quality products and services. We are known as market leaders in emerging technology with professional and friendly customer service. We also know that we need to be honest in managing expectations and ensure we achieve what is required and agreed.

The success of our long term customer relationships can partly be attributed to our focus on understanding their core values as businesses and individuals. Investing time in listening and learning what is important to them. Sharing our knowledge and experience to ensure we deliver the best sourced range of products and services. The services we supply incorporate the same solutions we supply, so we understand and share the same experiences as our customers.

Only by offering quality products and services at competitive prices which represent good value, can we ensure we retain our customers, attract and secure new ones. We recognise this is vital in staying ahead of the competition.

On an annual basis we conduct a customer survey:
- 10% of our customers are selected at random from our CRM software
- They are contacted by an objective team member or independent representative of CD Team
- Both positive and negative feedback is encouraged, all comments are recorded

The directors and management team review all responses and act upon them as part of our continuous improvement program.

Environmental Policy

Thinking Green and Making a Difference

CD Team have always strived to have a positive impact on the environment.

WEEE Registered
CD Team Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency for WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and we recycle all electrical waste. We are registered in a compliance scheme, provide recycling for all equipment sold and complete quarterly figures for all systems so this can be accurately measured.

Disc Recycling
For the safe disposal of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray containing content no longer required, discs are destroyed using a shredder to guarantee security for our customers and ourselves. The shredded waste is then sent to Polymer Recycling and Grundon where the polycarbonate material is extracted, cleaned and re-used.

We use re-used packaging, which benefits the environment and our own costs. The majority of goods delivered to us in outer boxes or packaging are sent on in their original form. Where goods are unpacked and used for our value added services (such as disc being printed, duplicated and fulfilled) we re-use boxes of the smallest size possible whilst ensuring adequate protection for the products enclosed. All discs are supplied by manufacturers who conform to the packaging waste directive.

Using couriers rather than our own vehicles for all deliveries also minimises our carbon footprint. Our couriers have Environment Policies and are committed to limiting their own carbon footprint.

Carbon Offsetting Website
In an effort to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our business, our website is also carbon neutralised. We are registered with COCO2 which carbon offsets any CO2 emissions produced by our website.

Office Waste Recycling
We work with our waste disposal supplier Grundon to recycle general waste wherever possible. Our commitment to recycling is confirmed by our signing a duty of care certificate with them. This promises all mixed paper, mixed plastics, cardboard and cans are separated by us and collected by them once a week.

Printer Consumables
All Ink cartridges are all recycled through the Woodland Trust Charity. For more information visit www.woodland-trust.org.uk/inkjet. Our printer toners are also recycled.

Decisions on travel are always carefully considered and where possible webinars and teleconference calls are used with overseas suppliers. We encourage lift sharing, cycling and walking into work wherever possible.

Employer Responsibilities

Our greatest strength is our team.

We recruit locally, invest in our people, and support and encourage each individual in fulfilling their potential.

For each new member to our team, an individual induction programme is designed. Our “hands on” approach with full training enables new starters to learn essential skills and our core values. In doing so, they are soon contributing positively to our organisation and the services we supply. We know this means a sense of achievement and ensures success both for them and for us. In addition to our in-house training which is ongoing, we work with a training partner to provide and enhance specialist skills.

Our offices are equipped to provide an environment suitable for safe and comfortable work to take place. Our duplication, fulfilment and warehouse areas are all risk assessed by our fully trained health and safety officer. In addition to our own in-house audits we have had advice and guidance for on-going best practice from a health and safety consultancy.

Length of service is rewarded at 2, 5 and 10 years and staff turnover is extremely low. Retention of our hard working, professional team is essential to our ongoing success and so we value and reward all employees. We are proud of our benefits package which provides levels of cover over and above the usual of a small-medium sized enterprise (SME).

We love our staff and our staff love us
50% have been with us more than 5 years and 40% over 10 years!

Supplier Partnerships

Just as we value long standing customer relationships, we equally value those with our suppliers.

Our suppliers have been selected by their ability to meet our exacting criteria. Part of our consideration is their approach to CSR and by offering regular feedback to them, we encourage their continuous improvements which benefit both our customers and ourselves directly.

CD Team continually monitors the market to bring the best quality products combined with the latest technology and competitive pricing to our customers. We seek to stock products which have the lowest possible environmental impact in our area of business. We work in partnership with carefully selected manufacturers’ who have production facilities worldwide. By managing these relationships our customers can trust in how our products are produced and sourced, and have confidence that everyone who works to supply them is treated fairly.

Discus Group Ltd are a fully accredited distributor or VAR for these manufacturers:

PioneerR-QuestSonyTDK Imation
FTITaiyo YudenVerbatim 


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