Hard Disk Drive Duplication

Hard Disk Drive Duplication Service

To complement our USB duplication service and USB printing service we also offer a USB Hard drive duplication service.

External USB hard drives are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 500GB (Gigabytes) to 2TB (Terabytes). These portable devices combine high capacity storage with compact light weight designs which makes them the perfect solution for the delivery of very large data sets. Our external USB hard drive duplication service expands the flexibility of these portable storage devices by taking a single master device and duplicating it onto any number of similar devices which can then be securely distributed to multiple users.

Why use CDTeam.co.uk for your USB Hard Drive Duplication?

  • You will receive a friendly, personalised and professional service
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  • Your project will be delivered on time and within budget

Copying external USB hard disk drives could not be easier. Simply send us your master device and we will quickly produce the high quality duplicates no matter how many you require. If you have your own stock of external USB hard drives we would be happy to provide a duplication service, alternatively we can duplicate your data onto a range of professional devices. We also have a range of USB duplicators which support external USB hard drives so you can make your own copies in-house.

The USB device slots within the duplicator are individually controlled with each device being supplied up to 1.5A of current. This unique feature sets our USB duplicators apart from other systems on the market allowing them to duplicate and test USB Hard Drives.

Content can be quickly, reliably and easily duplicated at the touch of a button. Call us on 0330 333 1090 for more information.

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