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Disc Replication
Disc replication is used for mass manufacturing discs and is ideal for CD, DVD and Blu-ray orders over 1000 units. Disc replication is the process of replicating CDs in a controlled production environment using heavy duty machinery to make the discs from raw materials. For runs of 1000 upwards, disc replication is the most cost-effective method of producing discs. The reason for this is that whilst the initial setup cost of producing a glass master and formatting the machines for your job is high, once configured the cost of producing each unit is very low and requires minimal user intervention.


Finished Product

Turnaround Time

Print Process

Over 1000CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BD-ROMApprox 7 - 10 daysSilk-screen or Litho

If you require less than 1000 units, then you need our Disc Duplication Service.

Why use CDTeam.co.uk for your disc replication project?

  • You will receive a friendly, personalised and professional service
  • You will get guaranteed quality, whether your replication job is for 1000 or 1 million discs
  • You will be offered a range of options from print finishes to eco-friendly packaging
  • Your project will be in expert hands and be delivered on time and within budget
  • You will be offered a tailored solution to suit your exact requirements
  • You will be reassured with our step by step guidance and advice

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The technical bit...
Disc Replication is a complicated process and requires a sterile manufacturing environment, which is why it is only considered for larger runs.

At high volumes, disc replication produces the lowest per-disc cost and offers the highest possible readability levels. In fact, all commercially distributed entertainment and software CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are produced using disc replication which is a process where raw materials are used to make the discs from scratch.

A glass master of your disc is produced, from this glass master stampers are made, these stampers impress the data into polycarbonate and your clear plastic discs are formed and injection moulded. The discs are then coated with a thin reflective layer of aluminium and a protective lacquer to coat them, this is hardened with ultra violet light. The data is formed as part of the disc itself from the stamper imprint and not added in a separate process unlike duplication. Replication print options include silkscreen printing using Pantone colours or litho full colour printing.

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