Data Security Services

Data Security Services

With businesses facing fines of up to £500,000 for serious data security breaches and information loss, data protection is something we all need to think about. offers you a range of password protected discs, secure USBs, data security and anti-piracy solutions which can reduce the chances of data loss and data copying dramatically and even eliminate it completely. The level of data security you want to apply depends on how critical or sensitive your content is and how much you need to protect it from unauthorised access.

secure cdsSECURE DISC ENCRYPTION for access security and data protection
Our Secure Disc Encryption service uses secure discs such as Verbatim's SecureSave DVDs and AutoSave Encrypt. They are a simple and cost effective way to store and distribute confidential information. If the disc is lost or stolen, it is protected by an enforced password and 256-bit (AES) encryption. If a user attempts to copy the information onto a standard blank disc or a hard disc drive, the encrypted data will become inaccessible. Each disc contains an in-built security application, so in only a few clicks, and without installing any software on your PC, you can record, protect, encrypt and archive your sensitive data onto a password protected CD.
secure USBsSECURE USB DUPLICATION for portable data security and content protection
By duplicating your data onto encrypted and password protected USBs, we offer  the perfect compact and versatile way to save your sensitive data and protect it from unauthorised access. We have a selection of secure USBs ranging from single secure partition with enforced password protection and hardware-based, 256-bit (AES) encryption to advanced devices with FIPS 140-2 level 2 certification and inbuilt drive termination software. Each USB device has an in-built security application so no need for software installation.
password protected duplicatorSECURE DISC DUPLICATION for secure data copying
If your data is extremely sensitive we can use our secure duplicators with lockable and password protected entry. We can copy your discs securely and custom print your CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs with your company details and logo, individually barcode or serial number them or add an individual's name to every disc produced so that you can track each one. This identity information can also be embedded into the disc content (known as fingerprinting).
secure hard diskSECURE HARD DRIVE DUPLICATION for secure hard disk data storage
Secure hard disk drive duplication utilises our USB Duplicators to copy information onto our secure hard disk drives. Protecting the data that is stored on external  secure hard disk drives is of major concern to many organisations and there is an increasing requirement for the devices to be robustly secure. Verbatim’s 128-bit (AES) hardware encrypted 2.5” hard disk drive fulfils this need, offering real-time full disk encrypted storage with no loss of performance during data transfer.
safe data disposalSECURE MEDIA DESTRUCTION for safe data disposal
Don't leave your discs lying around in temptation's way. If you have important data to protect, disposing of your documents, CDs, DVDs, USBs and floppy disks can be a real issue. Don't take any unnecessary chances; can dispose of all your discs using our heavy duty disc shredders or we can provide you with an office shredder or degausser for your own  data disposal use in-house.

From anti piracy and data encryption solutions, to secure copying and content protection, we can help, call 0330 333 1090.


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